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Giacinto Elia certicate Marketing Director

Giacinto Elia: Webmaster with web marketing background

Giacinto Elia - nick "Agapeuno"  is an Italian Webmaster  with experience in international web marketing and sales (see the Marketing Director Leadership Course Certificate here below,  obtained in June 2013). This commercial background helps orienting his job and the efforts of the whole Team to:

- designing competitive and quality products;

- analyzing the market and developing appropriate strategies to achieve results in terms of sales.

Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno - works and lives in Rome, Italy.

Agapeuno Team Webmaster Rome: somebody who cares...

Agapeuno Webmaster Team

If you choose Giacinto Elia and his Team as your Webmasters, you'll have to deal with open, frank  and reliable people, who care about work details and care about results.

And when it comes to business, reliability can make the difference!

Expanding your business is now easier than ever!

Roma Tevere

Thanks to its international job experience, the Agapeuno Team from Rome Italy has developed the ability to translate business webpages, texts, articles and ads from English into Italian and vice versa.

If your Company is able to sell its products and services both in Italy and abroad, then we can create your website in both English and Italian version.

With Giacinto Elia - nick "Agapeuno" and his Team, expanding your Business is easier than ever!

Winning Marketing Team

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Due to past experience and in order to protect each other's expectations we inform that we no longer accept payments based on a percentage but only on the basis of the work performed and results obtained.

All Agapeuno Team service are provided by:

Giacinto Elia  and Maria Teresa Cantafora


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