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Pay per Click Ads: how much do they cost and how to reduce click price

PPC (Pay per Click) ads as those on Google Adwords or Facebook are useful and effective to generate sales quickly.


The point is being able to keep costs down, getting a good result.


The most common question is: "How much does it cost to advertise on Google Adwords?" Or "What is the cost to advertise on Facebook?"


The good news is that you are free to set the budget that you prefer, then you are free to decide for yourself how much to spend.


The bad news is that if your daily budget is suitable to generate just 2 clicks, while for a sale it takes on average 50 clicks, then it will take you 25 days to gain your first sale!


Clicks have a cost determined by the supply / demand ratio, which varies based on the keywords and on the "quality score" (quality evaluation assigned by Google Adwords) or "relevance score" (relevancy evaluation assigned by Facebook).


What you can do to cut costs, it is to act on your advertising campaigns so to have their quality score or relevance score increased: your Pay per Click ad should tend to generate clicks whenever it's displayed and to produce conversions at almost every click.


Thus, it will take less clicks to generate a conversion, and in addition you'll get a good evaluation, which in any case does decrease the cost of the clicks.

Usually, basic rules are provided to contain costs obtaining a good result, such as: clarity of the offer, use of appropriate keywords, including the price, using a call to action, offering special deals, inserting dynamic keywords...


Following these rules definitely is important, but it might not be enough to reduce the costs. Eventually, if you look around, the ads of the same industry all look like each other: they follow the best practices and if there's much competition in your industry and your ad is equal to the others, why should it generate more results?


The way to cut down the cost of Pay Per Click advertising is NOT reducing the budget while just leaving the same campaigns active!

If you're not having results from your current campaigns, decreasing the budget simply would squander that investment.


Instead, try to set up new advertising campaigns which are absolutely original and leverage emotions, and test them on the field with a small budget.

Then, once a campaign will have passed the "test" with a very high conversion rate, you can increase the budget allocated to it.


What does it mean to create ads that are "absolutely original" and that "leverage emotions"?

It means betting on something unconventional, shocking, to leverage the emotions of your target.

These emotions must be strong enough to induce the user to notice our ad among many others, and to induce him to immediately click on our ad and to take the required action.


A foolproof move is to focus on humor, with puns, associations of ideas and allusions that make your text memorable.

Alternatively, you can point on attracting the attention of target audience involving beloved categories or topics: for example, expect them to make a purchase to generate the serenity of their children, the welfare of their pets, etc...


You can even create a mental association between a product and a beloved or desirable situation.


However the "emotional ad" does not necessarily involve positive emotions such as appreciation or confidence, but also negative emotions such as anger, disgust, fear etc. The use of negative emotions in the ads, stating "bad news", can lead to take immediate countermeasures. For example, statistics on the consequences of a common disease are certainly effective to encourage you to book a screening.


The same spots that invite you to drive carefully or quit smoking, sometimes use negative examples as a deterrent.


And again, in order to encourage you to book a visit to a slimming center, an alternative to the classic "to lose weighs contact our professional team ..." you might leverage anger, by speaking from the perspective of an "avenger" who invites to rebel "they humiliate you for overweight? Take a rematch with our help! Make an appointment."


The more the approach is original, surprising, takes on the break, the more it comes off of a series of similar and boring ads, the higher the CTR (click through rate), or the relationship between views and clicks, then that is one of the factors having the greatest impact in determining the quality score of the ad and the related expenses.


How to come up with the right idea?

You should take the role of the target and speak to it in a particular perspective, taking on the tone of the comic, the friend, the bearer of bad news, the avenger etc ....


Then write the ad in the perspective of the person you have chosen.


Try it yourself to reframe your ads on emotional key. Do not be afraid to break away from the clichés, because creating ads that generate a high CTR is the winning method to reduce the cost of clicks and save on your Pay per Click campaigns.

Google algorithm update: "Mobilegeddon"

Apr 25, 2015 - Effective from April 21, Google started rolling out an algorithm update called "Mobilegeddon" by many in the industry, as it affects the ranking of web pages basing on their usability on mobile devices.

Google is boosting the ranking in search results of "mobile-friendly" pages. The algorithm update directly affects only mobile search ranking.

Does it mean there's no need to rush? Definitely no. The time has come for you to check if your site is tagged by Google as "mobile-friendly" and if any changes are needed.

In fact, the lower your mobile ranking, the lower your desktop and tablet ranking will be, as long as visitors decrease!

Googlebot for smartphones tags as "mobile-friendly" those pages that are readable without horizontal scrolling, tapping or zooming, where tap targets are spaced appropriately and there's no unplayable content.

The most frequent mobile usability issues are: buttons and links too close to each other (difficult to click without also tapping a neighboring element), viewport not configured (viewing area doesn't adjust to screen size), content not sized to viewport (users need to scroll horizontally), small font size (users need to zoom), Flash-based content (not rendered by most mobile browsers).

What to do if your pages are not tagged as "mobile-friendly"?

No panic! Run the "mobile-friendly" test in "mobile usability" section, on Google Webmaster Tools, identify and fix the mobile usability issues affecting your site.

Google determines whether a page is mobile-friendly or not every time it's crawled. So you can just wait for re-crawl, after making the changes needed to your site. Or, you can expedite processing by using "fetch as Google" with "submit to index" in Google Webmaster Tools - Crawl.

If you need help with your site and the latest Google algorithm update "Mobilegeddon", feel free to call Webmaster Roma.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©


10 surefire ways to improve your landing page and increase your conversion rate

New year, new and better marketing strategies! Here are 10 surefire ways to improve the landing page of your website and increase your conversion rate.

What is a “landing page”? The landing page is the page of your website where visitors "land" after making a research or clicking an ad.

And what about the “conversion rate”? It's nothing but the number of visitors that, once "landed" on your web page, perform the desired action (eg. purchase, booking, download, phone call...). That said, increasing your conversion rate should be included into your next goals and improving your landing page (or your landing pages) should be one of your priorities.

Improving your landing page helps your business growing in terms of sales and conversions. Visitors who come across a poor web page, not easily decide to make a purchase. On the other hand, sites that make many sales, constantly add value to their offer and to their landing page.

If you want to increase your revenues, start by improving your landing page: a higher percentage of visitors will convert into customers and you'll be able to optimize your advertising investment.


~ 10 surefire ways to improve your landing page and increase your conversion rate ~


1. Strengthen the matching between your ads and your landing page

Consider that users land on your web page by clicking an ad image or a text ad, which shows your offer. Well, when it comes to purchases, an absolute matching between the ad and the related landing page is generally sought by web-users! What would you do if, as clicking on an ad for a certain model of shoes, you were redirected to a generic page selling clothes, then having to search for the shoes section and then for the shoes model you want? And what would you think if a discount was shown in the ad, but not in the landing page? A common mistake is to lead users to a generic page, where different kinds of products or services are mixed up. In some cases, it might be better to create separate and specific landing pages instead. Consider the user's expectations, to figure out what's best.


2. Make your offer more competitive

Have you ever thought that you offer might be less attractive than the ones of your competitors?

Look around and consider if it's time to “adjust the shot” and come out with a more competitive offer. Once done, update both your landing page and your ads.


3. Make your call to action clear and direct

The call to action is the invitation to the user to “take the next step”.

The action that the user should ideally accomplish, is taken as a reference to track conversions.

Before we determine the action we expect our users to take, it must be clear to us which is the aim of our web page: do we want our visitors to purchase, to book, to call, to send out a form, to sign up, to download a file... or what else?

What is the call to action in your landing page?

"Buy now", "Call now", "Start today", "Book now", "Free download" ... are some examples of clear  and direct call to action. Make sure your call to action is clear enough.


4. Make it easy to convert

A call to action has to be immediately visible above the folder (it should not have to scroll down).

In addition, the “converting item” (eg. button to buy, form to submit, file to download, number to call... etc.) should literally dominate the page being eye catching and graphically appealing. You can use items that move, change color on hover, or having bright color in contrast with the background, or you can highlight them with the help of images ... (Keep in mind the style and target of your site).

It should be possible for users to convert in just one click!


5. Make the pathway to conversion straight

The landing page should be designed as a linear pathway that takes the user directly to the desired action: no questions pending or doors to the outside!

Think of a page that does not provide the necessary information, or that, on the contrary, overwhelms you: you'd probably look elsewhere, wouldn't you?

Or, think of a page full of links and exit points that make the potential customer wander and exit the site: how will he come back then?

You should rather guide visitors along the pathway, leading them to take the action you set up as a conversion.


6. Use targeted and engaging titles

Title and subtitle are usually in large and colorful characters, just to highlight the brief description  about your offer and its added value. The description should be targeted (same keywords used in the ad). The specification contained in the subtitle should be engaging and motivate the user to stay on the page for more details.


7. Choose a clean, clear and modern design

The design of your page should help conversions, which ideally have to be accomplished in just one click. It must be really clear what is the path to follow and how to take the next step. No pop ups, nor distractions in the landing page. It can be very helpful to choose a modern design. The web page should be clear and pleasant to see and read. The style should be suitable to your target.


8. Make use of images and videos

You have a few seconds to convince the user to stay ... use them at best showing images! Instantly describe your offer with photos, a sequence of pictures or a video, placed, if possible, above the folder, so that they immediately show up.


9. Add quality text

Before making the purchase, the user looks for the proofs of our expertise, which we need to provide, also through quality content. Improve the user experience by uploading new and useful information and relevant content.


10. Connect the web page to Social Media

By adding to your landing page the buttons that allow users to share your content on social media, you can benefit from word of mouth, which is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Also showing the likes, + 1s and follows is a great help!


* Extra tip: Make sure your site has a mobile friendly version, as the easy use of a site from mobile devices can even double your conversions.


Contact Agapeuno Team if you want us to design and create for you a fantastic customized landing page to promote your business!


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

How to create quality ads on Google Adwords: advertising policy and basic tips

Dec 20, 2014 - Are you dealing with the creation of ads to be published on Google Adwords?


Then, learn how you can create quality ads by observing the Adwords advertising policy and some technical details. Not only you will be able to improve your ads ranking and your click through rate, but you will even end up saving money!


First of all, two questions:

1) Did you know that each of your ads is assigned by Google Adwords with a quality score, which determines the ad positioning and may affect the cost per click?

2) Do you know what's going to happen if an ad isn't compliant with the Adwords policy?

Answer 1) Yes, Google Adwords assigns each ad with a quality score, which may range from 1 to 10: the ads with a higher ranking get more visibility and a lower CPC (cost per click).

Answer 2) Should your ad be in violation of Adwords policy, it would be marked as "not approved" and wouldn't be published. Not only that: disapproved ads may also lead to the suspension of the site (which can't be advertised anymore) and to the suspension of your Google Adwords account (as well as the suspension of new accounts).


That said, here are some basic tips to create ads which comply to Adwords policy, so to successfully promote your business.


1. Watch out for editorial requirements requested by Google Adwords, as follows:

- neither spelling nor grammar errors are allowed

- using of symbols is not allowed

- neither bullets, nor improper use of spaces or punctuation are allowed (eg. "e x a m p l e" or "e.x.a.m.p.l.e.")

- exclamation points in the title are not allowed

- in the text, a maximum of one exclamation point is allowed

- words in all caps are not allowed (eg. "free" and not "FREE")

- the URL field can not be used as an additional line of text

- the display URL and destination URL can't belong to different domains. For example, if I choose "" as the display URL, then I can set as a destination URL "" but not ""

- the business phone number can't be inserted in the text: for this purpose, you're supposed to use the extension call

- any statement such as “our Company is the best”, “our products is #1” is prohibited.


2. Use your ability to synthesize and focus on most important points, as Google Adwords provides you with a maximum space of:

- 25 characters for the title

- 35 characters for each of the two description lines

- 35 characters for the display URL.

Check the ads of your competitors and highlight the strengths of your Company.

The uniqueness of the offer will allow you to stand out with respect to other advertisers.


3. Go straight to the point, by inserting in the ad the most appropriate call to action. Inviting people to act as you expect will make it easier for you to reach your goal.

The call to action can not consist in the mere invitation to click ("Click here" is not allowed) but must invite to take an action that meets the purpose of the announcement.


For example, if you promote sales, the right call to action for you can be "buy now"; if the goal of your advertising campaign is to get reservations, your call to action can be "book now"; if your intention is getting calls from prospects, the right call to action for you is "call now", and so on.


4. Carefully choose your keywords and identify the best ones. Ideally you should find 5-20 keywords per ad group. As your ad is shown in response to the keywords you've chosen, it is essential for you to select the right ones: those actually sought by potential buyers. Help yourself with the keywords planning tool. Should the keywords be too broad and generic, you would risk a useless waste of resources and  to generate clicks by people who are not interested to buy or who are searching for something different. For this reason, Google Adwords allows you to use negative keywords.


5. Optimize the website you want to advertise: the ratio of Adwords advertising policy is to ensure a good user experience, so if you address users to a web page or to a site which is relevant and clear, loads quickly and is compliant to SEO best practices, you automatically add value to your ad.

Of course, should your ads link to a page that does not exist or is not working or is under construction, they couldn't be approved by Google.


6. Avoid "inappropriate themes", prohibited practices and the use of copyrighted content, both in the ad and in the site.

Google Adwords considers as “inappropriate themes” prohibited contents, such as: selling counterfeit items, selling dangerous products or services, promotion of illegal conduct, incitement to hate, violence, racism, intolerance, as well as offensive, shocking or reprehensible content.

Google Adwords does not allow the use of prohibited practices, such as misleading representations (eg. Phising) and considers as misuse of the advertising network the promotion of harmful content (eg. with malware), the use of ads to promote masked sites (cloaking) or sites with the sole aim of generating traffic.

Advertisers are supposed to guarantee clarity and transparency in the privacy policy and data processing, as well as in the representation of products and services sold and promotions offered.

Finally, Google Adwords sets limits to advertise in certain industries, such as adult content, alcohol, gambling, drugs, political content, trademarks.


By carefully following the guidelines, using the additional options provided by Google Adwords, choosing the correct keywords and advertising an optimized website, not only you can significantly improve your ads ranking and your click through rate, but also save money!


You can improve your skills in creating ads by reading the Guide into your Google Adwords account (click the settings symbol in the upper right of your account) and by studying the Adwords policy


If you need help, please contact Agapeuno Team Webmaster Rome.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

Online advertising and the Google Display Network: when creativity comes into play

Nov 12, 2014 - One of the most modern forms of online advertising is the advertising on the "Google Display Network", also called "content network".


The Display Network allows you to promote your business with images and videos.

The advantage is obvious: an advertising message conveyed by images is potentially much more engaging than a simple text ad. And when it comes to advertising and images, no doubt creativity must come into play!


The Google Display Network is currently composed of about 2 million websites, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube, apps for smartphones and it is able to reach 90% of internet users in the world.

The advertising on the Display Network can be combined or not with the advertising on the Google Search Network.


You can reach users based on certain keywords: in this case, your ad appears on sites related to those keywords (so-called "contextual targeting").

Alternatively, you can choose the sites where to publish your ad “by subject”.

Your ad may be shown on apps, videos and online games as well.

Through the Display Network, you can even reach with ads, promotions and special offers, people who have already visited your website (so-called "Remarketing").


How to create winning ads then?

It should be noted that, on Google Adwords, each ad is assigned with a quality score: the higher the ad quality, the higher its quality score, the better its placement and the lower the cost of the  advertising campaign will be.


That said, you should first diversify ads formats, so that your own ads don't end up competing with each other for positioning.

It's possible to create a real set of themed ads, corresponding to the different ad formats allowed.

The most successful ad formats are the classic 300x250 (inline rectangle) and the horizontal strip 728x90 (leaderboard) which can be situated at the top or instill web pages, but many other standard sizes large and small are allowed, such as 160x600 skyscraper, 468x60 banner, 300x600 half-page, 250x250 square and so on.


Furthermore, you need to come out with an appealing and "out of the ordinary" ad: your picture or video should capture the attention of the public, by relying on the emotional and by generating curiosity, surprise, fun, joy, wonder, empathy etc.

In order to maximize the effect of your advertising on Google Display Network, then, creativity must come into play.

The engagement is the first step that leads us to notice the ad and leads us to decide if to make the crucial "click"!


But the whole ad effect is not simply generated by the combination of image and text. There are many other ingredients that can enhance your ad impact: characteristics of the image, effects, style, combination of colors etc.


In addition, the advertisement is much more effective whenever it's able to use the favorite language and style of your target audience.


Contact Agapeuno Team for creating your "super-creative" ads set, able to capture the attention of your audience in your Google Display Network campaigns.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

7 reasons to activate a Google Adwords campaign with Agapeuno Team

Sep 25, 2014 - Are you going to start a new advertising campaign?

Here are 7 reasons to activate a Google Adwords campaign with Agapeuno Team!


1. Certified Marketing Experience: Giacinto Elia, Founder of Agapeuno Team, is  internationally recognized as a Marketing Director.


2. SEO Expertise and websites optimization side by side with advertising campaigns: see screenshots in our Portfolio with examples of positioning and search engine optimization (SEO) by Agapeuno Team.


3. Tuning and interaction between Commercial, Web and Advertising Management

Adwords world is wide, but there's an ingredient of campaign success: the continuous monitoring of campaigns and tuning between marketing side, design aspects and advertising campaigns.

Each Adwords ad is formulated according to the commercial offer published on the landing page and so it is there, on the business website and on the commercial offer, that we need to act in order to increase CTR ("click through rate" or the relationship between the times your ad is displayed and the number of clicks on the ad itself) and conversions (clicks that turn into sales or leads). The successful Adwords campaign is then determined by the interaction between: (i) sales manager, who needs to study the market and competitors and has to create a competitive commercial offer and must ensure the availability to change the bid on the basis of statistics that come up from campaigns (ii) web designer and SEO, which should optimize the business website on the basis of the commercial offer above, with availability to necessary changes based on the statistics of the campaign (iii) Adwords campaign Manager, which should take charge of analyzing the data, make the necessary improvements to increase the efficiency of the budget and share the results, in order to help with the marketing and SEO improvements.


4. Information and involvement The client is clearly informed and updated about the advertising campaigns (state, progress, how they work) and he's involved in every single choice, as it should be.

Agapeuno Team now offers you to have your Italian Google Adwords campaign activated and followed by our team.

The Google Adwords advertising on Search Network is addressed to "interested users", or users who are looking for information about your industry. Let's say you advertise a restaurant in Milan on Google Search Network: your ad will appear when a user of your target (eg. "Milano") conducts a relevant research (such as "Milan Restaurants"). The ad on the Search Network can reach potential customers in a targeted way, while they're looking for information about products or services such as the ones you offer. And this is the reason why Adwords ensures a greater impact than other advertising formulas, in terms of sales. Agapeuno Team can explain each step, share the reports and also set up conversion tracking, to see how many clicks generate specific actions, such as sales, leads, downloads, etc. ..


5. Analysis and weekly review The Adwords ad is highlighted and placed among the search results, along with the other sponsored ads and in addition to the organic search results, which are only 10 per page. The Google Adwords campaign performance can be increased along the way, by improving the advertising campaign settings on the basis of data relating to the performance of each keyword and of each ad. It's good to keep in mind that advertising with Google Adwords is able to generate endless impressions, but, like any other advertising formula, does not act as a "magic wand" and, for example: (a) if a brand is unknown , it is necessary that its visibility is increased and extended in time (b) if the offer is equal to or pejorative than that of competitors, a new marketing strategy should be created to involve users. In any case, analysis of data and ongoing review are essential in order to improve the advertising campaign.


6. Absolute freedom of the Client Project Contract with payment only when the steps agreed are achieved; there are no constraints for the client to pay the amounts without getting the expected result.


7. 75 Euros Bonus on the cost of your first Adwords campaign (minimum charge: Eur 25; valid only for new accounts).


Just call or write to have Agapeuno Team activate a Google Adwords campaign customized for you and to get your free quote: your success is our success!


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

Remarketing: a step beyond SEO ☼

Aug 16, 2014 - Are you already using remarketing?

Remarketing is a web advertising tool intended to increase the conversion rate; it consists in addressing ads about products and services offered by your Company to qualified prospects, who've already visited your website.

Remarketing is "a step beyond SEO" meaning that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the first step in advertising your site, while remarketing is a more advanced tool, to be used only after SEO and website optimization for users and search engines.

As soon as the website is well optimized and begins to have a decent daily traffic, then it is time to go a step further and start working with remarketing to strengthen brand awareness and increase the conversion rate, or convert the highest percentage possible of visitors into buyers. And that's when remarketing comes into play!

A well managed Company can't invest a lot of resources in content marketing and website optimization on search engines, gain much traffic and then do not invest anything to turn visitors into buyers. It would be a waste of resources! The two items of expenditure should be balanced in order to optimize the site and also optimize the conversion rate: a step beyond the SEO!


If you are considering to use remarketing as a method to increase sales and put to good use your business website, then here is the basic information.

To do remarketing you can use Adwords.

Log into your Adwords account and get the snippet of code called "remarketing tag." The remarketing tag must be added to all of the pages on your site. The fastest and best way is to upload the remarketing tag into the footer of the site, in order to incorporate it into all pages by making a single change.

Thanks to the inclusion of the remarketing tag into the site, you will start obtaining remarketing lists, which consist in collections of cookies from people who visited your site and to whom you will address your ads. At this point, you need to create remarketing campaigns with targeted ads for those qualified users, who have already shown interest in the site. They may be visitors just looking for information, as well as users that were about to make a purchase and had an item in their shopping cart but left the process before payment.

It's possible to segment visitors by creating different lists and different ads basing on the different actions performed on the site.

Creating separate lists and separate ads is useful to further increase the conversion rate, by addressing to each prospect a highly relevant ad.

For example, in the case of a Company that sells online both menswear and womenswear, it's useful to segment visitors creating a first list for those who visited menswear area and a second list for those who visited womenswear area. Of course, different remarketing campaigns need to be set up, one for each different list (in the example, a remarketing campaign related to menswear and another for womenswear) and each remarketing list is supposed to be matched with its remarketing campaign.

There are several techniques to maximize the benefits of remarketing campaigns.

By relying on segmentation, it's even possible to diversify the investment depending on the degree of interest shown by visitors, on the action taken or even on the time when they visited the site (the new visitors are virtually best prospects).

For example, you can invest more money on the campaign related to visitors who used their shopping cart and didn't complete their purchase and bid less on users who simply got into the site without taking any qualified action or visited the site a long ago.

There are additional methods to maximize the results of remarketing campaigns, which, if well used, can be great cards to play for web advertising.

Remarketing can engage and convert into customers those visitors who abandoned the site.

Regardless of the income, however, there's the advantage of increasing brand awareness.

Another advantage of remarketing is to enhance the efforts made by SEO and content marketing: in other words, developing a website to generate much traffic is a big investment, which can be optimized by converting as much visitors as possible into buyers.

Remarketing works thanks to one of the basic principles of marketing (“Build a relationship with your target market”), as it acts to create a connection with people who are potentially interested in purchasing.

So, once adopted all the SEO practices and gained much traffic on your website, the next step is certainly to consider using remarketing.

If you want, you can rely on #Agapeunoteam for your web advertising campaigns throughout SEO and remarketing.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

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A blog to advertise your brand: 10 Golden Rules ★

Aug 15, 2014 - A Company blog can be ideal for creating brand awareness and advertising a business!

To increase the sales, you need to create a connection between the public and the Company or its products / services and a Company blog is well suited to perform this task.

Here are 10 golden rules that will help you create a sensational blog, able to give popularity to your brand and engage your readers and yourself.


1. Choose an exciting topic, relevant to your industry

Write about something you're passionate about as part of your professional field.

Even a niche topic is fine: the main point is to provide added value on the topic and demonstrate how your brand is represented by qualified people, who care about the work and follow it with passion.

This will help you gain readers and to open a dialogue with them.


2. Define your target audience

Initially, take your time to describe your brand and ideally draw a line to identify your audience and indicate to whom the blog is directed and to whom it's not.

An incredibly effective way to be successful with a blog is to get to know your target audience and write for your readers, discuss about the topics that interest them most, adopt the design and style they most appreciate.

Readers come to you not just to spend their time, but because they're attracted emotionally from your page and because through it they feel to have the opportunity to solve a problem.

Identify your typical reader and his expectations: this way, you can generate involvement.


3. Functionality of the blog elements with reference to the blog goal

If it is true that the purpose is to promote the brand, then each element must bring added value to the brand and help to give popularity to it. Wordpress is great to use for a blog, because it offers you the opportunity to work on a pre-configured set-up and it's easy to use, so you'll be able to focus only on writing.

Initially, however, take care to customize layout and graphic design, so as to give character to the blog and keep it in line with the style of the brand.

Remember to insert your logo! Keep even the illustrations that will be displayed in your articles functional to the primary goal of promoting the brand.

And of course, the content of each article is to be targeted to give popularity to your brand.

By keeping your gaze on the goal, you will avoid unnecessary and unproductive issues and you will get more benefits from the blog.


4. Many columnists, one voice

Should you hire one or more columnists to produce texts, remember to predetermine the style and tone to be adopted in each article.

The blog has a unitary personality, because the co-authors do not aim to promote themselves but to give resonance to the brand.

It 'important to get closer to the readers, take a stand on important issues, express balanced opinions and be respectful of other people's thinking.

The bottom line is producing useful, relevant content, which is able to convey the core values of the brand.

In this way, the blog will become the "voice of your brand" and will be able to promote it successfully.



5. Dialogue with readers and comments

I'd suggest that you don't opt for the automatic approval of the comments.

If you do not have time to moderate them, turn them off and create a Community on Social Media where readers can interact.

In fact, through the comments, unfortunately, a lot of spam could enter your blog.

Getting organized to moderate comments and respond to readers would be very good and positive to create a dialogue around the brand and to better understand the points of view and needs of our users. Dialogue with users increases professional awareness, especially when it comes to marketing and sales.


6. Focus on the positive

To build a constructive Community of readers, enhance all of the positive and leave out the negative.

Adopt clear and simple guidelines that will help you filter the content: for example, by excluding the possibility to post advertising links, by inviting users to mutual respect, by excluding comments with offensive and personal.

The comments to encourage are those even critical but respectful and constructive, aimed at being useful to their readers.


7. Usefulness and entertainment: a perfect combination

Useful contents are those which tend to be useful AND easily "digestible". Hence, doors open to entertainment and actionable content, pointing to concrete actions you can take, such as contacting support, making comments, sending questions, responding to polls, participating in events.


8. Social Media: your springboard

Thanks to Social Media, you can spread your content and your brand throughout the world.

Instead of just posting articles on the blog, use the Social Media as a sounding board and as a tool to understand your audience.

For example, on Facebook insights, you can see which posts are most popular, which is the predominant age group of readers, which is the time when the majority of your audience is on line  and many other useful information.

On Google+ as well as Facebook and Linkedin, by copying and pasting the URL of your article, a post complete of thumbnail is automatically generated, to be published quickly as an update for public, or your group or your circles.

Create your Company page on key Social Media and use it as a "springboard" to spread the uniqueness of your brand throughout the web.


9. Social Media: thermometer to measure the public approval

Social Media contain the tools needed to measure audience engagement (comments and replies), amplification (re-shares), satisfaction (links and favorites).

The engagement on Social will provide you with an immediate feedback showing tastes and needs of your target. If an item is particularly recommended and re-shared, then you can continue on the same "vein" with other items, to meet the expectations of your audience.

You can also interact on Social and this is a very important part of managing your business page.


10. Once started, do not stop!

Once started the blog, continue to post articles on a regular basis and do not give up or stop.

You need to persistently create a certain amount of quality material before getting noticed by the public.

Users not always express their approval with a like or anything, but you can monitor the traffic on your blog and check whether the number of unique visitors is steadily increasing or not.

The regular activity on your blog is a sign of the activity of your Company, to your readers.

The blog is the voice of your brand: once started, do not stop!


In conclusion, if you were thinking to create a blog to advertise your brand, be sure to comply with the 10 golden rules by Webmaster #Agapeunoteam and above all, put into it passion for your work and genuine interest to your users: so you won't certainly miss to hit your goal and make your blog and brand popular.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

smartphone displaying free website check up ad

Quick DIY SEO audit

Wondering how you can improve your site's ranking and average position in Search Engines?

A quick “Do It Yourself” SEO audit can be helpful.


Whether if you count on your website to gain more new customers, or if you're planning to sell ad spaces on your site, an SEO audit (even if quick and DIY), is crucial.

It can guide you through the identification and resolution of different issues.

Perform an SEO audit on a regular basis and improve your site's ranking over time!

Answer the questions below and follow the SEO audit checklist


1. Is it clear to you which is the keyword phrase for each of your website's pages?

Yes: Great! Go ahead

No: Think about how users could search for each of your site's pages and determine which should be the keyword phrase for each page


2. Is each page of your website focused on a keyword phrase and related keyword phrases?

Yes: Very good! Go to number 3

No: Make adjustments so to make the keywords visible enough in each page (title and text) and also include related terms. When landing on each page, the users should immediately see what is all about. Descriptive pictures are also very helpful for this purpose.


3. Have you recently added new content to your site?

Yes: Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

No: If you really care about your site's SEO, get organized to update content weekly. For Search Engines, regularly updated content is one of the main indicators of a site’s relevancy.


4. Is the content on your site relevant to users?

Yes: Fantastic! Do your best to keep you ahead of the competitors, as to the relevance of your site's content.

No: Add relevant content to your site! In order to provide a good service to their users, Search Engines can include or not in their index those pages which are merely a duplicate of other existing pages, while they're likely to rank higher the websites with worthy content. Furthermore, a large portion of the Search Engines' algorithms has to be attributed to link-based factors and unique, informative, engaging content can really help to generate natural editorial links.


5. Review your pages' meta descriptions: do they include a concise, appealing page description and a call to action?

Yes: Wow!

No: Meta description is the ad Search Engines show when displaying your site in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page); you should provide a good meta description for each page, giving users a reason to click and visit your site!


6. Are all of your images provided with ALT text?

Yes: Good job!

No: Fill in the "alternative text" field for any of the images on your site, by describing what is shown on the picture; this is going to help your SEO so much, for more than one reason.


7. Is there just one a title (H1) for each page, including keyword phrase?

Yes: Correct!

No: There should be only one  H1 title on each page. If missing, please add it. Ideally, title should contain the keyword phrase.


How did your quick DIY SEO audit go?

I do hope it was helpful!


Bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

Follow and contact Agapeuno Webmaster Roma on Social Media.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

Webmaster job: focus on quality

Many talented people are from Italy but, on the other hand, especially in some particular environments, here some think they can cheat.

The beauty of Search Engines is they are built with criteria that advantage talented people, especially on the long run!

Their absolute priority is to provide end users with a great experience and with rich, quality content.

Sites with scraped or syndicated content, doorway sites and sites that don't provide any added value to the users are likely to be detected and penalized.

Webmaster Agapeuno Team Rome works with the same Search Engines' "mentality": we follow the Search Engines' best practices and guidelines and build quality content, including rich information about issues people typically search for; we never stop studying to create unique, valuable websites, as our goal is to offer to users an enjoyable and engaging experience on our clients' websites, so they might come back and visit the sites again!

We believe this is the winning spirit for a Webmaster.

Webmaster Agapeuno Team Rome works on content, images, webmaster tools and marketing tools, to help clients stand out from others in their same fields.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

"How could a Webmaster help me generate revenue from my site?"

A Webmaster can help you succeed by wisely using the power of the internet!

Once you hire him..., his mission becomes to let web users know that they should absolutely contact you. Especially those who are searching for products and services like yours!

Did you know that, for any query (words typed for an internet research), almost 70% of clicks are gained by the first page results?

When making a web research, people tend to click on the first results on first page.

Those few websites are going to take the most advantage of their web positioning in their business sector.

For example, let's assume we're searching for an attorney in Rome; we're gonna type "attorney Rome" and maybe take a look at the search results showing on first page, then we'll probably call the one who seems to be more qualified and trusted.

Therefore, the good Webmaster is able to select the most relevant words web users typically search for when looking for a business like yours.

Then your Webmaster takes your site higher and higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Hopefully he manages to take you to the first page with the keywords that better describe your business, in other terms, the most typed query for a business like yours.

Besides that, an accurate Webmaster (better if he has marketing experience!) should study how your particular business works, analyze market and competitors and set up a marketing strategy together with you.

The reason? Once users land on your site, they should find in there good reasons to contact you and choose you over the competitors.

There must be something unique that you offer and it's up to your Webmaster to perceive and make users perceive what it is.

Webmaster Agapeuno Team Rome is proactive and seeks solutions for the customer: for example, we suggested to some clients to introduce some elements to boost sites, such as providing to users a toll-free number, make special offers, obtaining specific licenses, make available the option to pay through a financial company. Any Company can introduce some improvements to get noticed and become more visible on the market. It depends very much on the business sector and the choice is up to the customer.

Webmaster Agapeuno Team Rome is here to advise.


by Giacinto Elia - Agapeuno ©

New requirements in Italy for online sales and e-commerce websites

Jun 5, 2014 - Starting from June, 13, 2014, increased Consumers' protection in Italy; get to know more (article in Italian, you'll find translator button on the sidebar)

 D.Lgs. n. 21/2014 ..(read more)


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Webmaster Checklist

Webmaster job, to be effective, should include SEO, Webmaster Tools use and other steps to optimize sites (get to know more on Webmaster Checklist) ..(read more)


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