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Business Website and effective SEO: that's all you need to benefit of FREE web advertising!

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If you want to increase your sales and promote your services, why not to set up a Business Website that brings you FREE web advertising ?

No Business is good enough until it's widely known on the market. And the web market can even be conquered for FREE if you have MUCH to give in terms of content and if you can "relate" with Search Engines properly.

So why not to set up your FREE web advertising right away?

This is how. Thanks to a Business Website providing information about the products and services you offer and thanks to a good positioning in the main Search Engines, such as Google and Bing, you can effectively advertise for free and gain new customers: your site's description in Search Engines will work as your web advertising and it won't cost you a cent!

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How to get started?

1. Set up a Business Website with awesome, safe, clear, updated content, clearly describing what you offer and an attractive design. Search engines do care about quality!

Also, depending on the type of business you run, you might insert in your website different elements, such as: videos, slideshows, a nice showcase, a gallery with the pictures of your Company, news, a link to your blog, a shopping cart and / or a contact form. Connecting your site to Social profiles is recommended.

2. Deal with SEO (= Search Engine Optimization), which is the whole of activities that put your site in relation with Search Engines and that can impact on its positioning. SEO includes many different aspects, such as marketing analysis, marketing strategy, choice of certain textual and graphical elements, use of Webmaster tools, use of Social networks, entering updated information on a regular basis.

Actually, in order to have an indexed and hopefully well positioned website, SEO requirements must be taken into account since the very beginning and NOT only after designing your Business website. In fact, every single step, starting from the choice of Provider or from the creation of contents, is going to impact on SEO and on your Business website's positioning.

Business website and SEO for your Free web advertising

In other terms, a new website by itself won't bring you new customers: it also has be clearly visible to your prospects.

That's why the first step for you to get started with free web advertising is to learn how to deal with SEO.

In this regard, you can start from:

- Google "Search Engine Optimization - Webmaster Tools Help"

- Bing  "Webmaster Guidelines - Bing Webmaster Tools" - Registrazione domini e hosting economico italia

PS. When you submit your URL to Bing, an interesting offer will probably be displayed on your screen too: 50 $ credit for search advertising on Yahoo! Bing Network. The offer expires June 30, 2015 (midnight Pacific Time), and is available only to verified Bing Webmaster Tools account holders residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. and Canada, who own their own Website and open a new Bing Ads account ... see the Offer Details that will show up when you submit the URL of your website to Bing.


If you are considering to entrust the creation and positioning of your Business Website to a Webmaster, feel free to contact us. Italian Webmaster Agapeuno and his Team can take care of your web advertising by creating, positioning AND maintaining your Business website with SEO, both in the English and in the Italian version:

no waste, satisfaction guaranteed!


Check out our online Italian Portfolio published on Adobe Business Catalyst:

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See more about our work and sites' positioning at Portfolio page.

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Agapeuno Team Webmaster Rome helps entrepreneurs to become visible in the largest market: the internet.

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We help entrepreneurs to become visible in the largest market: the internet. And we look forward to help your business grow.

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Get ready for your free web advertising with Business Website and SEO!

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