Ecommerce with PayPal

ecommerce with PayPal

Do it yourself

1. create a business account

2. add the PayPal payment button on your website: copy and paste the code

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Pay Pal boosts online shopping on your website as payment is fast, simple and safe


Amazon and E-Bay succeed by accepting payments via PayPal: start accepting payments via PayPal on your website too!

9 reasons to process payments with PayPal

  • fast and easy payment in 3 clicks
  • no need for buyer to provide his credit card data
  • keep your bank account data reserved
  • secure payment
  • reach 173 million users worldwide
  • main credit cards accepted
  • optimized payment from mobile
  • customer support
  • no monthly fees

PayPal transaction fees

  • 1,8% to 3,4% (decrease on increasing of sales volume)
  • + 0,35€ per transaction

Contact our Developer to get started with your ecommerce website accepting PayPal payments right away!


mobile: +39 339 6167028

email: webmaster(at)agapeunoteam(dot)com


  • Get PayPal button added on your existing website
  • or get your brand new ecommerce website with Pay Pal customized for you

Ecommerce website with PayPal


Eur 100,00 (one page)

ecommerce website with PayPal

Ecommerce website with PayPal includes:

  • development of customized responsive  ecommerce website


  • site ranking
  • domain registration and hosting expenses
  • CMS expenses if needed
  • site management and updates

Don't forget that, when it comes to online sales, traffic is vital.

Whether you are planning to set up a new ecommerce website with PayPal or you own an ecommerce website you're not satisfied with, consider to hire an SEO expert like Agapeuno Team to improve your website ranking and visibility on Search Engines: this will help you generate traffic and reach many users and prospects.


Boost online shopping on your ecommerce website with Agapeuno Team and PayPal!

Get one click installation of Prestashop (CMS for ecommerce) with KELIweb

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