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1st on Google between the organic search results

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October 21st, 2015

web advertising Rome Italy

Your Website Updates

sito web NoiconFrancesco

Agapeuno Team Webmaster Rome takes care of updating your website and regularly uploading your new content (videos, documents, texts, photos, etc.).


See an example on noiconfrancesco.it

MotoForPeace ONLUS website

MotoForPeace, the ONLUS made up of officers of State Police and Carabinieri, in occasion of its presence on TV2000, has entrusted us the task to create the new association's responsive website. Visit MotoForPeace website, created by Agapeunoteam.


Creation of responsive websites, optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile

Health Blog Template
Gym Website Template
Guitars e-Shop Template
Pictures online sales website template
hotel online booking website template
interior design website template

Website with E-Shop to advertise an Art Gallery and School of Arts in Rome next to  Colosseum

sito e-commerce by Agapeuno Team

↓ The screenshot below shows that we not only created the site for Imperium Artis, but also positioned it in Google first page!

Google first page screenshot

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SEO example: first position on first page

posizionamento sui motori di ricerca

The screenshot above shows the positioning reached for a client's website in Winter 2013 - 2014: first on first page with search Italian keywords "assistenza caldaie Roma" (which stands for "heating assistance Rome").

Please note that the ads at the top of the page (the two ones highlighted in beige) are from Google Adwords.


Appearing on Google first page is a great achievement and advantage for anyone and a big satisfaction, especially for those who start from scratch and can see sales and revenues progressively grow. This is also due to the opportunities for free exposure provided by the search engines Google and Bing! PS. Regular website maintenance is needed in order to maintain the results achieved over time.


A similar SEO strategy can be applied in different sectors. Please note that placement in search engines is constantly evolving based on the data present on the Internet. Basically, the ratio adopted by search engines to determine the ranking is to privilege the quality of the site and the interest which it has for the web users. For this reason, keeping your website fresh and up to date and in line with the SEO practices recommended by Google and Bing is necessary to keep being visible in the search results.

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SEO example:  first page on 4,490,000 search results!

SEO example:  first page on 2,460,000 search results!

SEO example:  first page with 3 different webpages

posizionamento sui motori di ricerca posizionamento su motori di ricerca

The screenshots above show some examples of our SEO work made in Winter 2013 - 2014: the number of search results shown at the top of any Google search indicates the number of results found in Google index for the keywords you have entered in the Google search field. So the higher that number is, the most difficult it is to hit the first positions in a short time!

In in Winter 2013 - 2014, we reached first page in 3 months on 4,490,00 search results.


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posizionamento su motori di ricerca

Web design  examples: a web impact that fits your needs

Raccolta siti Webmaster Roma Agapeuno Team inverno 2013 - 2014

By clicking on the picture above, you can enter our online Italian Portfolio published on Adobe Business Catalyst:

Agapeuno Team Winter Websites 2013 - 2015

All the different elements in the pages are customized and were created by us, to reflect the features and meet the expectations of the client company:

- logos

- texts

- images and slideshows

- advertising banners.

Taking care of the whole process makes it easier for the Webmaster to have a best control of the SEO aspects and on the final result: by taking care of each single aspect of your website, we can provide you with a "web impact" that fits your needs!


Are you wondering if we have some good idea for your new website?

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call center webmaster roma
girl portrait made with Photoshop

Web Art and Illustration examples: password is wonder!

We believe that visiting a new website should always be a surprising experience!

Even if the text is fundamental for the information it provides, much of the impact is given by design, graphics and illustrations. We create customized logos, graphic elements, illustrations and slideshows to make your website impressive, innovative and to improve your visitors' experience.

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Fotoritocco come uniformare incarnato
fotoritocco photo retouching before and after Photoshop
Fotoritocco come ridurre naso

Photo Editing

Examples of photo editing  and retouching with Photoshop by Agapeuno Team:

- Fixing skin imperfections such as blemishes, redness, pimples, wrinkles, etc..

- Retouching features

- Whitening teeth

- Change hair color

- Change eyes color

- Streamline figure.

Contact us for all your photo editing and retouching needs.

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Fotoritocco come cambiare colore capelli
Fotoritocco come cambiare colore occhi
Fotoritocco come sbiancare denti
Enjoy Social Life - Illustration by Agapeuno Team Webmaster Rome

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