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Contact our SEO Consultant for: SEO check up, optimization, indexing and ranking on Search Engines, SEO marketing strategies, study and development of SEO tactics, implementation of optimized websites for free advertising on Search Engines.

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SEO: definition

The acronym SEO stands for "search engine optimization". SEO is the process that determines the visibility of a website in the "organic search results" (the results list that appears naturally in response to a user's search on any search engines such as Google, Bing etc.). A website that meets certain standards dictated by Google and Bing, is well "readable" by search engines and will most likely be crawled in response to users requests. In the digital age, no doubt the good visibility of a business website in the organic results (= free ads on the page of search results) can have a positive effect on profit. That's why SEO is in high demand by companies of Rome and by anyone who want their websites to be optimized and visible in search results on Google and Bing.

Google Search Field

SEO: advantages

You can use SEO to maximize relevant traffic to your site and to increase contacts, sales and profit for your business. "Relevant traffic" is the traffic generated by prospects: if your site appears in response to specific searches for products and services like yours, part of the visits will probably convert into sales. If you appear on Google's first page for certain queries (= combinations of keywords, for instance: "Fish Restaurant Rome"), the traffic on your website will probably increase, because users can find it easily and can choose to visit it. And if your site is interesting, users will hopefully stop there for reading your content. Think what would happen if your site became an authoritative source for those seeking information in your industry: would prospects prefer to buy from you, or from a competitor of yours they don't know anything about?

at the top of the SERP

Websites ranking

Websites ranking requires SEO optimization on search engines in order to achieve visibility on the first page of search results, with one or more combinations of relevant keywords.

For example, if you own a cheap hotel in Rome, you can set the goal to hit Google's first page with the query: "cheap hotel in Rome".

Your ad will be displayed among the ten listings on Google's first page to all those users who carry out such research, so that they might decide to visit your site and make a reservation.

Of course, the interest of  Google, Bing and other search engines is to provide users with unique, interesting and relevant information, in relation to their searches.

Therefore, there's no ranking "guaranteed regardless" but you have to win your placement at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) day by day.

 The only "guaranteed placement" derives from paid ads like those on Google Adwords and Bing Ads, which appear at the top or side of the front pages on search engines (SEO and SEM: the choice).

SEO Agency

SEO for free web advertising

When it comes to "SEO for free advertising", which is placing a website in the first page of organic search results (10 listings per page), SEO optimization comes into play.

Local businesses who want a good ranking for their websites, in order to increase their visibility, traffic and sales, contact our  SEO Agency in Rome.

Google handles the most of web traffic, so the requests for websites positioning generally  come to us with reference to Google's first page.

However, SEO optimization on Google also facilitates positioning on all of the other search engines (Bing, Virgilio etc..) because their basic criteria are the same.

check site on Google Search Console

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

Link your site to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools: you'll get access to important resources for SEO optimization.

On Google Webmaster Tools, you have traffic data and details about the placement of your search phrases, so to check your SEO progress.

On Bing Webmaster Tools, a SEO checker is available, to identify and correct on page SEO issues.

You can also test if search engines correctly read your site, if they consider it mobile friendly and you can send URLs and sitemap to search engines... and even more.

Webmaster Tools help you make your site readable to search engines.

This is not equal to placement on the front page though.

If your goal is to have your website positioned on search engines' first page, we recommend you to contact an SEO expert.

on page SEO

On page SEO

Once you have a list of keywords for SEO, the next step is optimizing your website by using them.

Ideally, SEO optimization requires a primary phrase, plus some secondary keywords, for each page.

The perfectly optimized page has unique content, highly interesting to users (in relation to their interests, problems etc.) and it is focused on the keywords you have selected.

Design and navigability are vital and usability on mobile devices is necessary as well. Avoid items that can be difficult to read by Search Engines (eg. Flash).

Sharability on Social is essential for pages in order to promote and spread them.

Title tag (= title made up of 55-60 characters displayed on the top of your browser as the page name) is the perfect place to highlight the most important keywords of your site.

Meta description is the description of the page designed to look like an ad on search engines. It must be effective to encourage users visit your site.

Body content is all the content which is visible on the page: keywords should be distributed in a natural way through the text (do not overdo, otherwise you risk penalization) and they certainly should be used in page title (h1) and subtitles (h2, h3). Images must be provided with the ALT or description, to be displayed when they can't be loaded and to provide information to users and to Search Engines as well.

SEO progresses

Google Analytics

Where to monitor your progress with SEO? Not only you can check data traffic in Google Webmaster Tools, but also your Google Analytics account, which should be linked to your site. With Google Analytics, you can choose to monitor only organic traffic to your site (useful to analyze the progresses of SEO separately from those of SEM) . In addition, Google Analytics allows you to view traffic data related to the different pages of your website, to identify the keywords that bring you most traffic and allows you to track conversions, such as the sales made through your ecommerce.

Websites indexing

"Indexing" is the inclusion of your URL (link to a web page that appears on top of the browser) in Google, Bing or other search engines "index", or list of possible results to be crawled in response to any search.

When you create a new website or web page, it's not going to be immediately displayed in  search results. To be indexed, web pages need to be crawled by search engines and to be considered relevant by them.

If you type a URL without the "http: //" in the search field and, as a result, the corresponding page is displayed, it means that (even if it does not appear in the top positions by typing the primary keywords in the search field) it is indexed. You can therefore proceed to the next step: website positioning.

If, however, in order to view a site you need to write the full URL in your browser (http: // etc.), it means that the site is not indexed yet and this happens either because it is new, or because it's considered "irrelevant" by search engines, or because for some reason it's been penalized.

If your site is not indexed yet and you want to have it indexed and positioned, contact SEO Agency Rome

Visibility issues

If a website has just been created, normally it's not visible on search engines: first of all, you can accomplish activities that favor indexing (inclusion in the index of Engines): checking the on page SEO and sending root URL and sitemap to Google and Bing. Then, you can proceed with SEO optimization and site ranking.

If a website has been published for some time, but the entire site or some of its pages do not show up among the search results, the reasons may be different; for instance:

  1. website security issue (virus, hacked site), producing its hiding for users safeguard
  2. illegitimate actions of the site, such as phishing
  3. robots.txt file blocking content
  4. content which is recognized as duplicate, copied or moved from a URL to another
  5. web design issues, such as failure or issues in site view, very slow loading, Flash elements or other not easily readable elements, non usability or difficulty of navigation on mobile devices (users would have a negative experience of browsing)
  6. irrelevance, since the content is poor, of low quality, not original, non informative, non competitive or not updated (users would have a negative experience losing their time in reading). Most of the time, an "irrelevant" site is indexed, but not visible in the first pages of search results (to see it, you need to type the URL in your browser, or to click on a link to the site).

Let's see the solutions to these common issues:

  1. VIRUS, HACKER - for prevention, use a security scan tool for your website such as McAfee Secure; for fixing, contact webmaster Giacinto Elia in Rome expert in virus removal and in websites security issues
  2. PHISHING - the owner of a website is responsible for site actions and consequent damages to third parties even if he does not comprehend what is phishing and what is happening to its website; phishing involves the theft of personal information, to use them (eg. identity theft) or sell them on the black market (eg. contact lists, banking information, medical data); therefore it is vital to adopt security measures, first of all a tool to scan the site that guarantees its safety. If the damage is already done, it must be immediately fixed. Contact webmaster Giacinto Elia in Rome expert websites security issues
  3. ROBOT.TXT FILE - check out the source code, identify, check and correct robot.txt file; if you are not able to, you can find the necessary details on Google Webmaster Tools or contact webmaster.
  4. DUPLICATE CONTENT - the widespread usage of copying texts from other websites is heavily punished by the search engines, which automatically detect duplicate content, eliminating it from their index and therefore hiding it. To fix this, first of all you need to replace the duplicate content with fresh one, then, ONLY when you're sure there's no longer any trace of the problem, you should submit a reconsideration request to Search Engines. For Google, you can do it through webmaster tools. If you need help, contact webmaster.
  5. WEB DESIGN ISSUES - analyze your site page by page using Webmaster tools (in particular, Bing Webmaster Tools - SEO Analyzer and Google Webmaster Tools - Page speed): you should be able to identify the main issues to fix. If you need an SEO expert, contact SEO Agency Rome.
  6. IRRELEVANT SITE -  this is the most frequent issue, as sites made at amateur level, even though indexed, don't usually achieve good positions in the SERPs. This because SEO requires studying, constant updates and steady work, which is difficult to make for those who are involved in other jobs. Again, it's required to review the entire website and to optimize it. Then, once you're sure that all the issues have been fixed, you can submit the site to Search Engines for reconsideration. If you need an SEO expert, contact SEO Agency Rome.

Ranking: how long does it take?

A website positioning is a pure matter of  "merit" and it has nothing to do with è una questione puramente "meritocratica" e non ha nulla a che vedere con friendships, favoritism and so on. As we said, the interest of Google, Bing and the other search engines is to provide original results, interesting and relevant information in response to users requests. Google expressly prohibits to any person who operates in the web (webmasters, web designers, etc.) to guarantee placement on the basis of alleged "friendships".

Search results are extracted automatically, thanks to an algorithm that includes parameters for determining the relevance of sites with respect to what is searched by the user.

Due to this automaticity you cannot determine in advance when and if a site will hit Google's first page; you can act proactively to make this happen though, by relying on an SEO expert who has already reached positioning between search results with competitive queries (see our Portfolio).

Based on the work previously carried out, we can say that on average first-page Google ranking can be achieved in 3-6 months, depending on the number and level of concurrent results. By choosing a query with low competition, the timing can also be reduced drastically, but it is very important that you check the traffic volume, in order to identify the most relevant queries in the industry.


Note: SEO Agency Rome doesn't require prepayments for SEO: payment is due basing on achieved results. This for transparency and as a guarantee for our customers. Achieving the goals about positioning set up with our client will be our interest of course!

SEO prices

SEO Consulting: Eur 30

Search Engine Optimization and positioning: starting from Eur 200


Check out our SEO pricing and ask us a customized quote, specifying your website domain (if existing) and your industry; the amount of work required for optimization and SEO positioning may vary based on factors such as:

  • queries selected for positioning
  • present SEO condition and website placement (if existing)
  • number of competitors
  • level of competitors.


For any quote request, we check search volume, present ranking, competitors and SEO errors.

Based on the results, we propose an SEO strategy and a quote.


Ask quote

Google Algorithm

Google has updated its algorithm several times in recent years and often calling updates with names of animals (penguin, panda, hummingbird).

The factors included in the algorithm are not disclosed, but, based on experience, you can try to guess what they might be and to what extent they affect positioning.

The update of Google algorithm is constant. Often the blame for the loss of positions of a site is attributed to "change the algorithm"; but in fact, there is nothing to fear if we act with whitehat or "clean" techniques.

Google algorithm updates tends to:

  • read content, meaning, trust of each site more and more accurately
  • penalize those who use blackhat, or forbidden, techniques and those seeking to rank dangerous, duplicates or poor sites.

For instance, Hummingbird, the update introduced in summer 2013, after Penguin and Panda, is able to catch the sense of whole sentences without just reading the single keywords separately. Moreover, with cookies and geolocalization, it's getting easier to respond to user searches with customized results.

It's become definitely risky to use easy and cheap methods to get positioning on search engines; instead, it's recommended to follow the SEO best practices. And which is the key to succeed if the scenario is highly competitive? What are supposedly the factors of Google algorithm? Google algorithm is extremely complex. On a high level:

  1. Google is searching for pages with original, high quality content, which are relevant with respect to the queries researched by users
  2. relevance is determined based on various criteria, such as the keywords
  3. quality is determined based on different factors, such as number and ranking of websites that link to you.

Other factors add to determine positioning:

  1. website security
  2. brand awareness
  3. domain (authority, keywords, length)
  4. traffic
  5. bounce rate
  6. CTR, or click through rate
  7. load speed
  8. mobile friendlyness
  9. uniqueness and richness of content
  10. Social metrics.

SEO and keywords

The first step to successfully set up an SEO strategy is the choice of keywords which you want to place the site with. It must be a combination of keywords (search phrase or "query") that:

  • comprehensively describes the products or services you offer, using the search phrase typically used by the potential buyers of your products or services; otherwise the risk is to collect not relevant traffic (= by users not interested in buying)
  • matches terms highly researched by users (if the search volume is low, the query is not profitable)
  • it is not too general and does not present an exaggerated number of existing results (if the competitors are too many, the cost of SEO goes up).

Please note that SEO efforts are targeted to expand traffic and reach users that do NOT yet know your Company; should you just work on "branded queries", you would reach only those users who type your brand into the search field; you should instead identify the best queries in your field.

Check out search phrases used by your competitors for Search Engine Optimization.

If your website has been connected for some time to Google webmaster tools, you'll have in your account the traffic data and keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

Read how to choose keywords

Choosing keywords

How the choose the keywords for SEO? If you have already identified a number of possible keywords (SEO and keywords) it's time to define the primary search phrase and secondary keywords for each page of your site.

The secret is analyzing both search volume and competitors' level, to identify the most popular search phrase in your industry which, at the same time, shouldn't be excessively competitive.

In the primary query, you can combine 2, 3 or 4 keywords, which are appropriate to accurately define the offer.

Normally, for local SEO purposes, terms with geographical references, should be included, as in the formula:

{ your service } + { your city }

Eg. "SEO Agency Rome"

Each page has to be optimized for the primary query and a group of secondary keywords; the achievement of sales target will depend on both the identification of the most appropriate keywords,  level of optimization and SEO strategy used.

Therefore, choosing the best keywords is essential.

Ask an advice to SEO Agency Rome to get to know which keywords you should optimize your site for. At the cost of Eur 30 euro VAT included, we give you our advice with search results, data and keywords for your SEO.

Link Building

Search engines perceive links as a sign of trust and relevance of a page. This said, it's important to build links within our site and to acquire links to it.

When it comes to link building techniques, links have to be short, descriptive and, possibly, they have contain the same keywords used for search engine optimization.

It's important to build internal links, to facilitate navigation and stay of users, but also to deliver traffic to sales pages and to transfer strength to these pages. Why "transfer strength"? Well, link equity is the parameter used to indicate the number and quality of links on a web page and it gives "strength" to a page, for the purposes of its positioning on search engines. Within a website, the page of the site with more internal links is considered the main page by Search Engines: if this page links to a secondary page, the latter is reinforced. The text used to retrieve a web page ("anchor text") is essential for the SEO, because it helps to identify the main theme of that page, to classify it, in the eyes of Search Engines.

This also applies for external links: the anchor text used is critical, as well as important is the number of external links to our website and their quality. The more the site linking to us is authoritative, the more valuable that reference is.

Besides creating internal links, a link building strategy should be implemented to get external links to your site.

The use of easy and cheap methods like link exchange is now risky. The Google algorithm update called "Penguin" has placed a limit to too repetitive links. Links should flow naturally in the text and not as an isolated reference, detached from the context; isolated links have not as much value as those links naturally inserted in a text; pages with little content and full of links are called in jargon "doorway pages" and are often obscured by Search Engines. Not only that, but if you agree to mention a site that then has security issues, falls, consequently, the reputation of your site, which can be labeled as dangerous and even be overshadowed by Search Engines.

The most recommended strategy is to produce high quality content, which has the chance to be mentioned and referenced by readers.

Social Media play a key role, helping to spread content. It's required to provide contents with buttons  to share them on Social media and above all it's necessary to promote them widely. All this requires a lot of work, because the content must be original, with original illustrations and even social media marketing takes time and dedication.

For this reason, our SEO Agency offers a great marketing strategy, SEO and link building at the same time: affiliate marketing. This marketing strategy mainly relies on the involvement of affiliates who spread your advertising banners and your link, in exchange for commission on sales. It's necessary to have an e-commerce and software for affiliations, which enables you to customize your affiliate program.

Contact SEO Agency Rome for more information and assistance.

SEO and SEM: choice

While SEO is optimizing the website on search engines, positioning it between the organic results and therefore free of charge, however the SEM refers to the configuration and management of paid ads on search engines. The acronym SEM stands in fact for "Search Engine Marketing". Originally, the term SEM included all the marketing ads on search engines (both for free and paid), but then the two areas have splintered and expanded, so that today the Search Engine Marketing refers exclusively to paid advertising campaigns on search engines, such as on Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

How to choose between SEO and SEM? You don't have to choose actually: you can as well walk both ways. Anyway, you should know that:

  1. if you need to make sales straight away and your website is not positioned yet, you'd better invest something on SEM, as positioning in organic results requires time (see "Ranking: how long does it take?")
  2. a first site optimization is still required before launching paid ads, for their better performance (see some tips to get better results from paid ads).

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