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Modern and clean design

Clearness in web design is a primary goal, as it helps convertions: all of the page elements should work towards the action required to users, whether it being making a phone call or a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or filling a form, downloading a file or booking an appointment.

Pages should be clean, easy to read and with eye-catching images and call to action buttons.

A good way to maintain a clean and attractive visual design, while still allowing visitors the info they might need, is to show the key info above the fold, adding more details down, in the below the fold space.

Especially on landing pages, offer and value proposition have to be located at the top of the page, as a headline and sub-heading, possibly accompanied by a descriptive image, slideshow or video: they should be concise and strong enough to convince users in a few seconds.

When it comes to design, following the last trends is also important, especially if adapted to client needs.

Hero image layout has a fullscreen HD image at the top, to grab user's attention, followed by separate informative sections.

This kind of layout is also used in many UI Patterns.

2.0 version of this layout uses parallax scrolling, so that hero image stays fixed while you scroll the page. The effect is really cool.

Card Layout is the best choice especially if you need to present different kind of contents or features and make all of them immediately available to users: each card is marked by a descriptive picture, acts like a content container and it's clickable to provide more info.

Minimalism is really appreciated as a web design style: not much color, solid background in black, grey or white, clean and professional look, sans serif typefaces, stylish rectangular call to action buttons. The bottom line is: less is more.

Flat style is colorful, instead. A website with a flat layout looks sort of like Windows interface: buttons and content containers without any border, gradient nor shadow, that uniquely stand out on background thanks to their vivid colors. Sans typefaces are a must, thick enough to create contrast and be readable on colorful backgrounds. Ideally, the color palette for flat design is bright and colorful.

Long scroll layout is also widely used: we all are used to scrolling, thanks to mobile devices; well, with long scroll layout, you place all the key info above the fold and further details below the fold, where you can organize the content with a bulleted list (or buttons) and anchor texts.

Depending on the offer and industry, there's always a trendy design which is perfect for you. Contact us to start designing your new website.

Usability on mobile devices

More and more sites join the drive to become mobile friendly: this is not simply a matter of design, but especially an SEO need. Search Engines tend to give more visibility to responsive websites on mobile search results and this affects overall site's ranking and positioning. Upload must be quick enough, buttons and links must be comfortably clickable and not too near to each other, users mustn't need to scroll horizontally to see the page, etc.

So whatever design you want for your website, it definitely has to be responsive.

High quality content

With millions of blog posts being published every day, producing content is still not enough to stand out. Your content must be updated, original, able to entertain visitors, informative, inspiring... in a word, "quality" content. No doubt it's expensive to produce quality content on a regular basis. And there are no shortcuts! It would be a bad idea to publish low quality content on your website, as it might affect your ranking. The best thing to do is to make an SEO strategy, creating your content according to that and constantly measure your progresses and profitability. After investing on unique pieces of content, you can also repurpose them in many different ways (by writing again on a topic after discussing with visitors and receiving comments, or by developing a theme which had success in a previous blog post of yours).

Intuitive navigation

Site structure has to be organized, with natural navigation.

Hamburger menu is criticized and loved at the same time: it's often used to replace the traditional menu bar, gaining some space.

You can also set up a minimalist menu at the top, with the primary links and place secondary link in the footer.

Creating a Card Layout with icons or pictures can really make the difference when it comes to make many different features accessible.

Security certification

Show visitors your site has been tested and certified to be secure with the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

The McAfee SECURE service gives people the confidence they need to interact with your site by showing them it's safe. Once we've tested and certified the security of your site, you'll be allowed to display McAfee Secure trustmark, which lets customers know the site they're on is secure. And the best part? It's free, forever.

Search Engine Optimization

All the efforts to make your site grow should go in one direction: search engine optimization, so you can constantly increase traffic and sales. Do you have a plan for your website?

We create responsive websites with clear and modern design, intuitive navigation, high quality content, security certification and we optimize websites on search engines to position them between the first search results. We work from Rome Italy and we are open to collaboration with Companies from all over the world.
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